June 24, 2024

Everything About AC Replacement You Need To Know

In the summertime, the air conditioner is the only thing keeping you and your family cool and comfortable. Although, air conditioners can last a sufficient amount of time, but sooner or later, you will need to replace them especially if they require frequent repairs and replacements. We will discuss several important factors that will help you understand the entire process from purchasing the right option to maintaining the unit with the help of air conditioning repair services for a trouble-free journey.

What Is The Right Time For Replacing The AC?

When it comes to HVAC replacement, homeowners often feel confused. There are many signs & symptoms that indicate a replacement is due. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that regardless of how the air conditioner is maintained, it will need replacement after a certain period.

Generally, air conditioners last around 10-15 years if maintained properly. If your HVAC is cooling ineffectively and requiring frequent repairs, it could mean it is time for replacement. But you will need to make sure that the problem is minor and the entire AC or a few vital components are bad and the AC needs a replacement.

The thing is, when air conditioners turn old, the components inside tend to become weaker. As a result, the unit consumes more electricity than usual. That is why, if you notice an increase in energy bills, you need to understand that your air conditioner is not worth keeping anymore.

Furthermore, an air conditioner that is old and needs frequent repairs and replacements is a sure sign it needs replacement. This is because there will come a time when the costs of the repairs and replacements will exceed the actual value of the air conditioner, indicating that a replacement is due.

Do I Need A Professional To Install My AC?

Most homeowners think that replacing the AC is easy and will require a few skills and tools but they are mistaken. Installing the air conditioner the wrong way can lead to complications such as refrigerant leakage, etc. This is why experts suggest spending a bit more to have a team of experts install it for you.

There are several noteworthy advantages of an expert team installing the air conditioner. To begin with, the experts perform a proper inspection and assess the location to remove or install anything that might be needed for the unit to work.

The installation process also requires connecting the gas and electric pipes and wires and placing them in a safe spot so that they are not vulnerable to rats, birds, and other unwelcome guests. Once the unit has been installed, the experts perform another inspection and make sure there are no leakages or issues whatsoever.

Moreover, professional installers tend to be well-versed with the state’s rules & regulations. On the other hand, they carry insurance as well in case something goes wrong. This can minimize many risks and problems.

In fact, in most cases, manufacturers tend to only offer a warranty or guarantee if the air conditioner is installed by their team of experts. Otherwise, the warranty may simply be void. Manufacturers do not like their customers blaming them for faults caused by inexperienced professionals.

This is why the warranty is supposed to be only applicable if the unit has been installed by the manufacturer’s team. Plus, correct installation techniques help extend the unit’s life to prevent costly future repairs. This includes performing multiple inspections and testing to make sure all the parts are installed correctly.

A professional team of air conditioning companies Fairfax will be able to install the air conditioner relatively faster than a team of amateurs who do not even have an idea of how the process is supposed to go.

How To Replace The Air Conditioner?

Once you have purchased your new air conditioner, you will need to consult the experts to replace it. These experts will help you choose the right location and angle to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

First, the technicians will remove your existing air conditioner along with the wires and other relevant stuff. Then, they will measure the area to make sure the new unit is installed in the right position and angle. The older parts are either disposed of or stored in case needed in the future.

Next, the area is inspected for any cracks, leakages, or damage. The site is thoroughly cleaned to ensure a clean installation and environment for the new system. Then, the new unit is installed in its location while the outdoor unit is placed outside.

Finally, the electrical and refrigerant lines are connected and Freon is filled in the unit. And, once the system is in place, the experts test it to ensure proper airflow, functionality, and refrigerant levels.

How To Maintain The Air Conditioner?

Now that your air conditioner is in place, you will need to ensure it is properly maintained to avoid complications down the road like motor failures, refrigerant leaks, an overheating AC unit, etc. If you live in an area that requires you to use the air conditioner almost throughout the year, you will need to perform a monthly inspection and maintenance.

You will need to access the indoor as well as the outdoor units for any cracks, leakages, or damage, especially after extreme weather conditions. Newer units may be better able to withstand external factors but even minor factors can create a lot of issues.

Performing maintenance on your air conditioner means that you will need to clean the air filters and accumulated layers of dirt and dust on the coils. This is important as coils tend to dissipate heat and could wear out due to extreme heat if the case is otherwise.

On top of that, you should schedule professional maintenance as well. For you, it might be an expense but it is an investment in the long run. Professional maintenance is not only about cleaning and replacing the components but also performing a thorough analysis of potentially troublesome parts.

This way, you will be able to replace them without compromising or stressing the other components.

How Do You Pick The Right Expert?

If you have installed a new air conditioner, you should contact the manufacturer to send their team to perform inspection and maintenance. As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to void the warranty by having an amateur look at it. But, if the unit happens to be old and the warranty has expired, you will need to put in a bit of effort to pick the right expert.

The best way to find the perfect expert is by asking around in your social circle if they can refer someone. If that does not work out, you can visit the local supermarket that sells air conditioners and ask them to share some contacts.

Finally, you can look over the internet for experts in your area. This way, you won’t have to drive or spend hours looking for the right shops.


Installing an air conditioner and maintaining it is fairly easy if you consider the tips mentioned above. Always choose expert HVAC contractors Vienna for installation and for handling your AC-related issues. And, to ensure your investment is worth it, perform monthly inspections and maintenance to keep things moving in the right direction.

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