November 24, 2022

6 Reasons Your Commercial Oven Is Not Turning On At All

If you own a commercial restaurant, you must know how important it is to keep your commercial oven in perfect running condition. For oven problems, you would need a commercial kitchen appliance repair technician ASAP. A common commercial oven problem is the oven simply not turning on. Let’s look into what causes the issues and how you can troubleshoot them.

Thermostat Issues

Another possible reason for your commercial oven not turning on is a faulty thermostat. A faulty thermostat can’t communicate temperature properly with the oven which might not allow the oven to turn on. It could also be that the thermostat needs calibration.

You can check if your thermostat is properly calibrated by placing a thermostat inside the oven and setting it to the right temperature. If you observe that the burner turns off before reaching the set temperature, it means the thermostat is not faulty and simply needs calibration.

The Pilot Light Doesn’t Stay On

The pilot light not staying lit is a common problem in household and commercial ovens. The cause of this problem is malfunctioning safety valve or thermocouple. For fixing or replacing these components of your commercial oven, you will an oven repairer.

Although both the thermocouple and safety valve are located more or less in the same area it could vary depending on the model. In fact, some have both thermocouple and safety valve attached to each other in one place. For those models, the expert will replace both components.

Broken Capillary Tube

A commercial oven comprises several minor parts that can impede the performance of the entire machine. One such example is the capillary tube. If you find out that the thermostat is fine but the oven is either experiencing temperature inconsistencies or simply not turning on, it might be that the capillary tube is improperly placed.

The capillary tube is locked into place using clips and if the clips tend to turn loose, the capillary tube will simply move from its original location, which can lead to the oven performing abnormally.

Clogged Oven

Commercial ovens are designed to cook and prepare multiple food items on a daily basis. This means that these machines take a good beating considering the oil, grease, leftover food items, and dust and dirt. That said, ovens can become clogged, especially the burner flames which might make it look as if the oven is not working.

This is why manufacturers recommend thoroughly cleaning the unit periodically. You never know something can find its way inside the oven and prevent it from turning on. So, to avoid such situations, you need someone who cannot only clean it thoroughly but also check for repairs and replacements beforehand.

Oven Door Not Closing Properly

The majority of the owners find at a later stage that commercial ovens do not work unless the door is shut properly. This is a built-in safety feature with every commercial oven out there. Although the door not closing properly is less likely with a new oven but if you happen to own an older version, it might be that the hinges and gaskets are worn causing the door to not secure into the latch properly.

Replacing the hinges or gaskets is not expensive but only an expert can do it. Therefore, if you observe that your commercial oven does not turn on, it might be that the door is not closing properly.

Power Issues

Finally, it comes down to power issues. If your commercial oven was working fine and then one day it suddenly stopped working, it most likely means there is a problem with the power supply. You might need to check the switchboard or the circuit breaker.

It might be that fluctuation has caused a blown fuse or the circuit breaker has tripped. Try replacing the fuse and plug the machine into another power socket. If the machine does not experience any problems, it means the problem was with the power supply.

Final Word

Concluding, a commercial oven not turning on could be due to several reasons. It could be as simple as a blown fuse or complicated as the thermocouple needing replacement. Regardless of the situation, you should always keep an eye out for unusual signs & symptoms and go to a commercial gas oven repair Springfield expert to solve the issue.

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