January 4, 2024

7 Things People Do That Can Harm Their Trees

Having trees in your front or backyard is a blessing in terms of visual appeal and fresh air. Walking out to lush greenery in your backyard is a great feeling. But, oftentimes, homeowners tend to make mistakes and unknowingly harm their trees. Homeowners need tree services to help them with tree care. Here are some common practices that are more harmful than beneficial and how to avoid them.

Loving A Tree Too Much

Staking and mulching are common practices in the world of tree maintenance. Considering it is not easy to learn, beginners find every opportunity to stake and mulch just for the betterment of the trees. Although, it is a good practice but only if done the right way. If not, it can harm the tree.

Staking and guying can help a tree grow taller, anchor the tree in heavy winds, and protect it against mechanical damage. However, that is not applicable to every tree out there. Some tree species require minimal staking for a short period. In such a case, if you were to stake continuously, you might cause bark damage, abnormal growth, and girdling.

As mentioned earlier, mulching is also a good practice but can be done improperly. You have to be careful about the mulching amount. Most homeowners ignore the fact that it could hurt the tree’s health. You should avoid mulching right next to the base of the trunk.

Therefore, depending on the tree type, the mulching technique and process might vary. So, you should consult an expert who can guide you.

Girdles Aren’t For Trees

For years now, girdling has become a concept and homeowners use it for their trees as well. There is no use of girdling other than strangling the tree. Homeowners girdle their trees to protect them from external factors but without realizing they are slowly killing their trees.

It is not a good idea to cover or protect the tree’s base using mechanical yard tools, plastic, or metal. Instead, you should think about using a good mulch around the base to protect it. Then again, you will need to be cautious about the amount you use.

Avoid Power Lines

There is no doubt that trees look good as they grow. However, not if you have power lines above. Trees and power lines simply do not go together. Imagine spending years of time and effort to make your tree grow taller only to find out that it was chopped from the top by servicemen.

If you do not control or maintain your tree, it will be mercilessly cut by the utility company and it is very easy to get into a verbal argument over this. You might find a location to plant the tree with wires hanging above but you should not give in to the temptation.

The reason is that you will not be able to control the tree’s height and there will come a time when the service men will show up at the door. Your tree contacting the power lines can also be seriously dangerous especially when it is raining outside.

Heavy winds could make the lines tangled up in the trees and it might come in contact with your house. It could also be that the tree falls on the road waiting to electrocute someone. Therefore, make sure you love the tree enough for it to be manageable and not grow into a threat to others.

Classic Tree Abuser

Some people believe that trees are only meant to be planted and trimmed. It is just like having pets where you put in the time and effort to look after them. Moreover, some homeowners become so lazy to the point where if they even spot unusual signs or symptoms, they wait for them to go away on their own.

Avoiding tree maintenance is huge ignorance. In some cases, the trees might be able to fight off the pests or diseases but not every time. You might need to use off-the-shelf products and even an expert if the situation turns worse. In addition to that, trees can also suffer from injuries due to bad pruning jobs.

This does not only affect the growth but may also kill the tree as the wounds remain exposed to pests and insect attacks. That said, if you plan on installing some trees around the property, you need to make sure you can take the time and handle the responsibility of looking after them.

If not, hire an expert to do that for you. Otherwise, do not be surprised if the tree dies a few days after it was planted.

Forcing Lethal Competition

Homeowners often get into a competition with their trees. In an attempt to make them look taller and greener, they opt for techniques and practices that impact the lifespan and health of the tree. One thing you need to keep in mind is that trees, plants, vines, etc. should not be planted close to each other.

The reason is that some trees absorb more light and nutrients from the earth than others. This might deprive the plants within the vicinity and result in death. Moreover, it is also not recommended to plan different types of trees too close to each other.

Remember, every tree grows at its own pace considering the external factors. However, it is your job to look after its maintenance and not force it into competition with the neighbors. Doing so will unknowingly put the tree under threat and may give up sooner than you realize. Then you will be needing a tree cutting service Potomac.

Suffering In The Dark

Some trees do not need much sunlight and are better off in the shade. However, too much shade can damage a tree. This usually happens when homeowners are not properly educated about the tree species. Some tree species require the least amount of sunlight to survive

But, if they are installed in a location where sunlight cannot reach or under some other tree, survival may become difficult. That said, before buying a specific tree species, you should do your research and get a second opinion from an expert.

Not Giving Much Respect

Trees like other living beings deserve attention and respect. There is a huge variety of trees and each differs based on their characteristics. Some thrive in the winter while others in the summers. Some grow tall while others expand sideways. Some can withstand external factors, while others can’t.

This means that if you have different types of trees installed, you will need to give each one attention. You cannot use the same techniques, tools, or products for every type. Disrespecting the tree will only cause you trouble and more effort.

It is easy to ignore the tree until pests and insects invade the tree and then your home. Therefore, unless you are willing to put in some time and effort, you should either hire an expert or simply drop the idea of having trees.


You can harm your trees in multiple different ways without being aware. Instead of caring either too much or too little, find a balance. Plus, contact arborist services Kensington to keep things going smoothly. Trees do not call for help as your pets do but looking out for signs & symptoms will surely keep you out of trouble.

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