October 20, 2022

Choosing between marble and quartz countertops

The kitchen is the one room in the house that must be both practical and pleasant. It must be pleasant enough for people to want to hang out while still being large enough for actual cooking to take place. Good kitchen countertops are vital for ensuring that the kitchen is multi-functional. There are several kitchen countertop alternatives available, such as marble countertops or quartz kitchen counters.

Here are some recommendations to help you determine which kitchen countertop is ideal for your kitchen.

How Would You Describe Your Choice?

The kitchen, like the living room, is the beating heart of the home. Before deciding on a countertop material, such as marble or quartz, consider your own style and what aesthetic appeals to you. Do you want a big appearance and feel in your kitchen, or is utility and cost the most important considerations?

Marble Allure

Marble is a lovely stone to work with, but it does not have the same appearance as quartz. Marble has a highly beautiful and expensive appearance. The apparent veins in the stone lend texture to the stone, yet the surface is smooth. This makes it great for cutting, chopping, and even kneading dough, as well as all other kitchen tasks.

Another fantastic feature of marble is its ability to readily blend in with various kitchen design options.

Marble Surface Durability

One thing to keep in mind when selecting marble is that, while it is a natural stone, rarer marble selections may be rather pricey. Carrara marble, on the other hand, is less expensive.

Marble surface maintenance might be difficult in the long term since it is a soft stone that readily scratches. Polished marble has a high gloss appearance, but it is more difficult to maintain clean of wine stains and scratches. Leathered and honed marble are the other possibilities. Leathered is more versatile and scratch-resistant, and the honed marble surface produces a less frigid aspect and brings life to the space.

Benefits of quartz

Engineered stone and quartz worktops are other popular choices for kitchen counters. The lifespan and durability of quartz countertops make them an appealing alternative.

One of the nicest things about quartz countertops is that they are the polar opposite of marble worktops’ flaws. Quartz, like concrete, is stain resistant and durable; this not only means it’s a stronger surface, but it also means there will be less obvious scratches, etc. This makes upkeep far less difficult than with marble.

Because quartz is a non-porous surface, it will not be hospitable to germs or viruses, which is critical in a post-pandemic environment.

The sole disadvantage of using quartz countertops in the kitchen is that it is a popular option and hence has a popular aesthetic. It is, however, warm and pleasant, as well as relatively affordable.

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper option that still has all the qualities that any good countertop surface should have, then quartz might be your best choice. This is the biggest selling point of quartz countertops.


The most essential thing to remember when selecting kitchen countertops is to consider what your aesthetic and style reflect about you. Equally important is the budget you’ve put up for kitchen countertops, which will help you decide between marble and quartz tops.

It’s not only about a one-time purchase or restoration; it’s also about long-term care and longevity, so weigh the advantages and drawbacks of both stones and make an informed decision. At the end of the day, whether it’s a marble or quartz kitchen countertops NC, it’s something that will be a permanent fixture in your house.

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