May 19, 2024

Does Paint Protection Film Work? Important Things To Know

Cars when driven endure a lot of wear and tear daily. From dirt to rock chips, your paint is hardly protected from the factors that affect its lifespan and shine. To prevent that from happening, you should invest in a paint protection film. Considering its expense, people often wonder if they work. To understand that, you will need to go through its pros and cons along with some other important information. So, if you are planning get paint protection film for your car, SUV, or pickup truck, read this.

What And How Paint Protection Films Are Made?

Paint protection films are thermoplastic polyurethane films that are applied to the vehicle’s body to protect it against dirt, dust, debris, and rock chips. These films also help the vehicle remain swirl-free while preventing minor scratches on the paint.

Paint protection films are not something new in the market. They have been around since late 1960s. Now, the latest versions are more evolved and are better. They can even heal themselves with exposure to the sun. This means that if your vehicle has a self-healing paint protection film installed, it will be able to heal itself in case of scratches or hard swirls.

Furthermore, paint protection films are offered in several different types in the market primarily made of Thermoplastic Urethane and Polyvinyl Chloride. TPU films are known for their durability and self-healing properties. These films can repair themselves when exposed to heat.

Meanwhile, the TPH films are appreciated for their high clarity and gloss. These films provide your vehicle with extreme gloss, making it look as if it just rolled off the showroom floor. This makes the TPH a budget-friendly option when compared to TPU films.

Furthermore, PVC films have been discontinued and tend to offer less protection and fade over time as well. Therefore, the majority of vehicle owners tend to prefer TPU or TPH films for their vehicles.

How Is A Paint Protection Film Applied?

The process of installing a paint protection film takes place in multiple stages. To begin with, the vehicle is first decontaminated by thoroughly washing and claying the vehicle. This removes contaminants that are not even visible. After properly cleaning and drying the vehicle, the next step is to polish the vehicle.

Each step is very crucial as vehicles come with different types of paint qualities and experts need to adapt their skills and techniques accordingly without compromising the paint quality. The installation process of paint protection film takes place inside a covered area without any dirt, dust, or other external factors.

This is because these factors will reduce the lifespan and durability of the paint protection film. The experts need to make sure the surface of the paint is completely contaminant-free for the paint protection film to be able to last for years.

For applying the paint protection film, the experts measure the dimensions and cut the film accordingly. The pieces are carefully installed using a squeegee and a dryer. Gradually, the entire vehicle is covered with the film and it is not moved to the curing area.

The curing stage is the last but an important stage. The curing process ensures the film bonds properly to the body of the vehicle. If it doesn’t, it will begin to peel off after a few days. Therefore, if you plan to install it on your own, make sure the vehicle is dirt and dust-free.

The temperature and weather conditions also have a role to play in the curing process. Cold weather slows down the curing process while hot temperatures speed it up.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Paint Protection Film?

As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of installing a paint protection film is its ability to protect the vehicle from swirls, dirt, dust, and minor scratches. This is quite useful for people who have busy schedules and are not able to clean or wash their vehicles regularly.

Furthermore, if your daily travel requires you to drive on motorways and highways, your vehicle will be protected from rock chips and other factors that might scratch the vehicle. However, keep in mind that the longevity of a PPF is dependent on how it was installed and which quality PPF was used.

Paint protection films installed by amateurs will most probably damage the paint and cause the film to peel off after a certain period of time. This is why it is important to pick an expert who is not only authorized but also licensed and certified in the installation of paint protection films.

The advice of professional installation is true for other things as well like auto window tinting Springfield. If car window tints are installed by anyone inexperienced, the tint film will peel off or there will be bubbles on the tint film or both.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Installing A Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection films just like other things carry advantages and disadvantages as well. A huge disadvantage of paint protection film is that it is expensive. So, everyone can’t afford it. Furthermore, paint protection films are not meant to be installed on repainted vehicles.

This is due to the fact that the paint might peel off as well if the film needs to be removed due to an accident. Moreover, paint protection films are not a do-it-yourself kind of thing. Ceramic coating and other detailed procedures can be performed at home but not at PPF installation.

The reason is that you need a special set of skills and tools combined with a dirt and dust-free area. That said, it is better to hand over the task to a professional who can do it better.

Does PPF Require Maintenance?

The maintenance of paint protection film lies in the way you look after the vehicle. If you have a paint protection film installed, you will need to make use of special skills, techniques, and tools to wash and dry the vehicle. At the same time, you will also need appropriate products that do not reduce but enhance the gloss and lifespan of the film.

Additionally, it is common for vehicles to experience acidic contamination like bird droppings, etc. In such cases, you should immediately get the vehicle washed to prevent the acids from damaging the paint. If possible, you should get your vehicle maintained by a professional at least once every week or month depending on your usage.

It will surely cost you a lot more than the regular maintenance at home but consider it an investment. If you want your vehicle to keep looking as good as new, you should not be bothered with spending a few hundred dollars every week or month.


Paint protection films do work if they are authentic and installed properly. At the same time, they will be effective depending on their maintenance. The only way to make sure you achieve all this is by keeping the information above in mind and choosing a certified paint protection film installer Springfield. The idea of your vehicle being able to maintain the same value as new after five or more years requires a small investment that you should be willing to put up with, without thinking twice.

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