March 31, 2022

The main signs of appliance damage

Indeed, it is a smart choice to invest in a commercial appliance for your restaurant. If you are like most business owners, you will notice that the efficiency of your appliances is reducing after a few months of wear and tear. For instance, it is not uncommon for restaurants to seek a refrigerator repair service after every few months.

Usually, when any commercial appliance is slowly reaching its endpoint, it starts showing some signs. These include weird smells, strange sounds, and other issues. You may feel like the appliance is not working as efficiently as it used to a few months ago.

In this article, we put together several signs that you should watch for. If you notice any of these, it means that your equipment needs repair.

Your electricity bill is rising

When the efficiency of appliances reduces, they start consuming more electricity. This means that your energy costs are bound to go up. You might see a rise in the energy bills consistently over a period of a few months. Sometimes, you may see a significant peak in a single month. It simply depends on the current condition of your equipment and how quickly it is going bad.

Once you have found the cause, it would be necessary to repair your equipment right away. For instance, the issue can be as simple as dirty condenser coils or a major issue that can lead to total appliance shut down sooner or later.

Strange sounds

Another telltale sign that something is not right with your appliance is strange sounds. Often, when commercial appliances are not working properly, they will make strange sounds. These can sound like clicking or banging. In some cases, you can also experience crackling sounds.

So, if you are experiencing any strange sounds in your equipment, know that it is time to act on it. Such noises will require the attention of experts. Usually, experts will check the strange sounds and figure out in an instant what is wrong.

For instance, in refrigerators, loud buzzing sounds are typically an indication of a problem with electricity. On the other hand, rattling or clanking sounds might indicate a problem with the condenser.

Unusual smells

Just like strange sounds, sometimes appliances also give off an unusual smell. This means that there is an emergency. For instance, if you experience a burnt odour like the smell, it probably means that there is an underlying electrical fault that can result in a dangerous fire.

Similarly, if you have a dirty sock-like odour, it could be due to bacteria or mould that is building inside your appliance system. Rotten egg-like smells are an indication of an animal that might be dead behind your refrigerator or appliance.

Complete shutdown

Often at times, your equipment can shut down completely if the underlying issues go unresolved. This is the last stage and after this, you can expect some expensive repairs. However, all hope is still not lost at this point. For instance, sometimes minor issues can also cause a temporary shutdown of the equipment.


Before jumping to any conclusion, it is important to troubleshoot your appliance and rule out the main cause. This is something that a layman may not be able to do on his/her own. This is where you will need the help of professional services that specialize in repairing commercial appliances.

Your best shot would be to hire a commercial appliance repair Northern VA company that has the right credentials and licenses. Try to get maintenance after every few months to maintain the health of your commercial kitchen appliances. After all, these appliances work quite hard!

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