January 29, 2021

All about tented weddings that you should know

One of the many things to consider for a tented wedding is to get a reliable wedding tent rental. Building the wedding structure is nothing like putting the tent together when you go camping.

Your wedding day is the celebration of the love between you and the person you are marrying. This day must be the most beautiful day of your life. How do you want your wedding to be? Do you want it to be a church wedding, in a garden, on a beach wedding or a tented one? But how do you achieve that? Where do you start the preparation?

Your wedding day is the celebration of the love between you and the person you are about to marry. This day must be the most beautiful day of your life. How do you want your wedding to be?


There are plenty of couples who want to have a tented wedding. They want the ambiance of an open area, the beautiful greens around them, and the open air.

Do visit on the wedding site before event

Talk to your tent rental company and your wedding planner to visit the site together. They need to take measurements, ensure that the tent must stalked or stand properly.

Be very creative

If you have a tented wedding, the fear of the space being way too small or very large is not a problem. Tents allow the guests to move freely. The sizes and layout can change to accommodate the number of guests.

Choose an expert team to organize your wedding.

Choose an experienced organizer and an expert for a tented wedding can help you get rid of all the stress and tension related to wedding planning. With all the logistical factors to consider, don’t give it to someone who lacks knowledge and practice.

Define your entrance.

It is important to define the entrance with decors. Tents are accessible from all sides throughout the wedding party area. The point of entry helps the guests know where to go and where to get inside.

Focus on the lighting.

Lighting will play a very important role when designing a tent. They add romance and intimate ambiance to the venue. Lanterns are a great option to achieve that.

Choose the best tent designs.

Sailcloth tents are best for both smaller and larger events. The high ceilings make a space look bigger. Combined with the perfect lighting, they can be so warm and cozy.

Keep the weather in mind. 

It is a must to think through all the weather-related obstacles. You have no way of knowing what the exact weather will be on that day. Make sure your venue can withstand a sunny day or pouring rain.

Prepare a well-crafted menu.

Some foods cannot hold up nicely in a range of conditions. Consider your caterers’ advice and suggestions before   finalizing the menu.

Getting the right help

Wedding rentals is much more than just tables and chairs. It can solve most of the wedding set-up problems. The rental process is complicated. The bookings, deadlines, and conditions for renting. Wedding planners can be beneficial for you because they have connections with various rental services, and they can also provide you other items that you need.

As mentioned above, hiring a professional team is the key to a successful wedding. The team will be in charge of putting your dream into reality. From smaller to bigger details like the set-up, and guest management. They will also help you decide what wedding party rentals MD to get.

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