February 9, 2021

What Do You Do When Your Heat Pump Blows Cold Air

Heat pump is one of the most important things in your house when the winter season comes. Cold air coming out of your heat pump is the last thing you need to see on a chilly winter day. If a heat pump is blowing cold air, you need to hire a heat pump repair expert to inspect and fix the issues.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some reasons on why your best pump might be blowing cold air. This will help you understand why your appliance is malfunctioning.

You Might Be Misunderstanding The Situation

While heat pumps are prone to breaking and malfunctioning, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your heat pump is also malfunctioning. Heat pumps blow cooler air as compared to our normal body temperature. That’s why you might be misunderstanding the situation, and your heat pump might be perfectly fine.

Extremely cold temperatures outside your house can also reduce the efficiency of your heat pump. That’s because your heat pump pulls air from the outside to heat your house.

However, if you’re still feeling that your heat pump isn’t working fine, you should call an expert to get the thing tested.

Here’s Why Your Heat Pump Might Be Creating Cold Air

There might be several reasons why your heat pump might be blowing cold air into your house. Below, we’ll discuss various reasons on why you might be experiencing malfunctioning of your heat pump.

The Heat Pump Might Be Low On Refrigerant

Your heat pump uses its refrigerant to draw heat from the outside to inside your house. There might be a leak in the refrigerant pipe which might cause the refrigerant to leak and eventually go low. This way, there won’t be enough refrigerant in your heat pump to draw the needed heat inside your house.

If you think that there’s not enough refrigerant in your heat pump, you should get in contact with an expert to get the appliance checked. Since there’s a leaked system for the circulation of refrigerant, there’s a leak in your loop. You’ll need to get professional repair services for fixing the leak and refill the refrigerant as well.

The Thermostat Might Be Set Incorrectly

This is another big problem that can happen with your heat pump. So, if your heat pump is blowing cold air, see if it is set to cooling, and set it to heat mode. If it on heat mode, then the thermostat could be faulty and may need thermostat replacement of your heat pump.

The Outdoor Unit Might Be Dirty

Heat pump uses its outdoor unit to suck heat from the outside air, and then uses that heat to heat up your house’s interior. However, a dirty outdoor unit can face difficulties in working properly. Dirt and dust can cause the coils of your outdoor unit to get blocked, and they’ll face difficulties in heating up the refrigerant. This situation can lead towards cooler air getting in your indoors.

This issue can be easily inspected. You simply have to go outside and see if the outdoor unit is dirty. If the outdoor unit is dirty, you should not attempt to clean it by yourself, but should hire an expert for the task.

The Defrost Mode Might Be On

The outdoor unit, as the name suggests, stays in contact with the outdoor environment. If it ever gets too cold outside, the outdoor unit might get frosted. Once the unit is frosted, it will go in a defrost cycle to come back to its normal functioning.

When the defrost mode is on, your heat pump will use the hot air inside your house to heat the outdoor unit and melt the ice. That’s why the temperature inside your house might drop as a result of the defrost cycle.

During the defrost cycle, you might feel cold air coming inside your house. Once the ice has been melted and the defrosting process is done, the defrost mode will be turned off, and you’ll start getting hot air inside your house once again.

To see if your heat pump is in defrost mode, take a look at its outdoor unit and see if there’s ice on the unit or not. Call a heat pump repair service McLean for help if this starts happening too often.

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