October 26, 2021

Everything You Should Know About Dust Mite Allergy

Allergies and reactions are caused by the body’s natural reaction to a foreign body when it enters your system. You can get allergies and reactions from anything which triggers your immune system. In severe case, you may need to visit an allergy center. Here is everything you need to know about dust mite allergy.

What Is Dust Mite Allergy?

Dust is a very common allergen and trigger which can cause severe allergic reactions. Your body has a severe reaction to it and there might be a lot of things which can take course in your body after being exposed to dust. Dust mites are very small bugs or insects which are present in the dust.

Dust carries a lot of particles and microorganisms with it, so there is no surprise that dust mites are present in it as well. These insects can go into your body and blood stream and can cause severe allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing, breathing problems and more. Any allergies which are triggered or caused by dust mites are known as dust mite allergic reactions.

Causes Of Dust Mite Allergy

Now that you know what dust mite allergy is, let’s talk about its causes.

  • Firstly, any type of allergic reaction is caused by the body’s natural reaction to triggers and allergens. These bodies can go into your system and this will cause your body to go into defense mode. It will do everything in its power to stop the foreign body from depleting your body’s energy and immunity. This is why you get these allergic reactions and symptoms.
  • Dust mites are the main cause of dust mite allergies. They are very small, almost microscopic bugs which can trigger your body’s immune system.
  • Any place where there is going to be dust you are quite prone to catching these allergic reactions. It’s best to avoid the dust and prevailing allergens at all costs, if you don’t want to worsen your allergic reactions.
  • Dust mites can usually be found in dry and extremely dusty places, dust usually settles down in moist and humid atmospheres, so it is quite important that you avoid these situations and seasons as much as you can.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dust Mite Allergy?

Here are some very common symptoms which are associated with dust mite allergy.

  • You will experience a lot of sneezing.
  • Your nose will be extremely runny and it will also feel blocked.
  • Because of a blocked nose, you will also have a lot of difficulty in breathing properly through your nose and you will need to use your mouth to inhale and exhale air.
  • You will have severe coughing fits and this is due to the airways being blocked.
  • Your eyes will be extremely red and will feel dry and irritated.
  • The skin under your eyes will become swollen, inflamed and blue, almost like very deep dark circles. This is due to your nasal congestion and your sinus being obstructed.
  • Because of breathing problems, you will also experience a very significant tightening in your chest. Your chest will feel compressed and tight.
  • You will also not be able to sleep in a vertical plane position, you will need to elevate your head otherwise you will not be able to breathe properly.
  • You will also have high grade fevers and flu, which will only go down after a couple of days and by taking the right medication for it.

Treatment For Dust Mite Allergy

Here are some treatment options for dust mite allergy.

  • The most common treatment for dust mite allergy is use of antihistamines. They help to reduce the inflammation and swelling and they also help with reducing the fever.
  • You can also use decongestants to help unblock your stuffy nose. There are oral options or you can even use nasal sprays which are great for opening your nose and airways.
  • You can also go for immunotherapy which is a way to strengthen your immune system against a lot of allergens and triggers.

There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about dust mite allergy and how it is caused, treated and prevented. For proper diagnosis and treatment of dust allergies, go to allergy specialist doctors Manassas.

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