October 11, 2021

What Are The Types Of Shoulder Fractures

Bone fractures are of many types. Any part of the bone can crack and it can cause a fracture, hence there are so many kinds of bone fractures. Here are different types of shoulder fractures which are common to occur in people and need the attention of orthopedic surgeons.

Here are the different fractures which can occur in the shoulder.

Scapula Fracture

The scapula is also a very important bone in your body. It is the bone which connects the humerus to the collarbone. It is a big triangular bone and it is also known commonly as a shoulder blade, because it is big and flat in appearance. This bone is also the strongest bone in the body, but that doesn’t mean that it can endure infinite amounts of impact.

A very bad accident can cause the shoulder blade to break into two pieces. This is mostly caused by car accidents or motorcycle accidents. Your shoulder blade is not protected in these circumstances and any direct and huge impact on the shoulder blade can cause it to fracture and break.

The symptoms of this shoulder fracture basically include sharp pain in the shoulder region and numbness. You will also feel a lot of tenderness and swelling in the affected area and it will be severely bruised too. You will need to go into surgery for this injury because it is a big bone and it needs immediate medical attention. You might also feel radiating pains in the collarbone, neck, and arm, because they are all interconnected with the shoulder blade or scapula.

Clavicle Fracture

The clavicle fracture is the most commonly occurring fracture in a human body. The clavicle is also known as the collarbone and it is the long bone which connects the shoulder with the breastbone or sternum. This bone is long and there are many points where a bone can break and cause a fracture.

It usually occurs when you take a good hit on your collarbone or somewhere near the sternum. It will cause your shoulder to sag and a sharp pain can be experienced right away.

You will also have a hard time rolling your shoulders and when you do, you will experience a sharp grinding sensation in your bone. This usually indicates that the bone is dislocated and it is rubbing against another bone and this is what’s causing this grinding sensation.

Proximal Humerus Fracture

The proximal humerus is basically the rounded bone and socket on the upper part of the arm. It is like a socket and it helps with a lot of rolling movements of the shoulder. In fact, the proximal humerus is one of the main bones which causes you to easily roll your shoulders back and forth.

This fracture is also caused by an impact on the upper part of the shoulder or if you fall on your shoulder or the ball of the shoulder. This will cause a lot of stinging pain and you will immediately feel like your shoulder is numb and you won’t be able to move your shoulder at all.

In a lot of cases, you will also experience tenderness and swelling in the shoulder and this is not a good sign. You need to see a doctor immediately before the dislocation becomes somewhat permanent and the pain becomes more chronic and long term.

Treatment For Shoulder Fractures

The most common treatment for shoulder fractures is relocating the bone and then wearing an arm sling for weeks. This will keep your arm and shoulder in place when it heals.

Another thing you can do is go for surgery. This is a very major step and it happens when your shoulder is at a point of no return and you need immediate medical help to fuse the shoulder back together. Surgery is usually done after an x-ray so that the injury can be evaluated and the affected area can be pinpointed where the fusion is required.

Final Word

There you have it! Now you know every single shoulder fracture which is known. Shoulder fractures can be quite painful and they need to be treated immediately by shoulder surgeons Woodbridge if you don’t want things to take a turn for the worse.

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