September 23, 2021

How To Fix A Commercial Garbage Disposal That Hums But Doesn’t Grind

Commercial garbage disposals handle lots of waste each day. Since they are running round the clock, it is common for them to develop problems. One of the most common is that garbage disposal buzzes but does not perform the grinding. This means there is something inside it hindering its normal function. However, that’s not it. Before you call in a commercial appliances repair technician, let’s look at all the potential factors that might cause your garbage disposal to hum but not grind.

Disposal Hums But Does Not Grind

If you observe that the garbage disposal upon turning on is humming but not grinding, this means that it is receiving electricity but something inside is not allowing the blades to rotate. As a result, the reset button will pop or the circuit breaker will trip to prevent the system from getting damaged.

Otherwise, if you were to continue experimenting with the garbage disposal, you are most likely to burn the motor. Most of the time, the problem is always some food particle or item being stuck in the flywheel. In such a case, you should never stick your hands inside the appliance. Turn off the system from the main source and use a flashlight alongside an offset wrench to remove the blockage.

Garbage Disposal Will Not Turn On

If you turn on the garbage disposal and observe that it is not making any noise, it means there is an electrical problem. The system is not receiving any power. To diagnose the problem, check to see if the system is properly plugged-in.

Once you have made sure of that, press the reset button found on the unit’s bottom. If it is tripped, the unit will not start. If the system still fails to turn on, check the circuit breaker. If neither of the issues prevails, you might want to get the wiring checked. It might also be that the reset switch or the garbage disposal system has gone faulty.

Locate and disassemble the switch that powers the system. Then, check the wires for loose connections. If nothing makes the system work, you will need to replace it.

Disposal Is Leaking

Sometimes the constant humming will also be the result of the garbage disposal leaking. There could be various places of a leakage. However, the common areas include the sink flange where the sink’s bottom connects the disposal. It might also be the hose that discharges waste from the disposal to the drain system.

As a result, the constant vibration can loosen the mountings with time as well. To solve the issue, you need to turn the system off and inspect it for loose hoses and mountings. Tighten them and then check if the system continues to hum. If there is anything cracked or damaged, replace them.

Disposal Drains Slowly

Although there could be several reasons, causing the disposal to drain slowly but it is mostly due to some kind of clogging. If the blockage is deep inside, you will need to disassemble the appliance and inspect the problem. Once the system has been disassembled, check the hoses and water passages. If there’s nothing obstructing the appliances, then check the drain line that’s going into the wall. You might need the help of a professional in this situation.

Use A Plunger

The simplest trick in the book to get your commercial garbage disposal is by using a plunger. If you do not have one, anything that can easily slide inside and unblock the system will work. So, hold the plunger from its working end and slide the other side into the garbage disposal.

You are going to move the plunger around to help the blades rotate. At some point, you are going to feel as if something is preventing them from rotating. Continue moving the plunger around until you are able to remove the blockage. Once that is done, turn on the garbage disposal and see if it returns to its normal operation.

Final Word

Fixing commercial garbage disposal that hums but does not grind is most of the time easy to fix. The reason is that the problem is most likely to be related to food items being stuck. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above and if it doesn’t work out, call a commercial garbage disposal repair Alexandria service to diagnose the problem.

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