August 28, 2021

Pros And Cons Of Washable Rugs

Rugs are of so many types, shapes, and sizes. There are area oriental rugs, Persian rugs and then there is a kind of rug which is great for everyday use and low maintenance and those are washable rugs. Here is everything you need to know about washable rugs.

Pros Of Washable Rugs

They Are Available In A Lot Of Sizes

One of the great things about washable rugs is that they are available in a lot of sizes, you can go for the smallest of small rugs to the biggest of big. There is no limitation of sizes in the variety of washable rugs.

They Can Be Machine Washed

Washable rugs, as the name suggests, can be washed with water or spun in a washing machine with ease. Normally, with heavy woolen rugs, they need to be dry cleaned which is a huge task in itself. So, having the accessibility to wash these rugs in a washing machine or by hand is a huge benefit.

They Are Pet Friendly

Woolen rugs are usually kept at bay from pets and for a good reason. They are super expensive and you don’t want your pet to ruin the rug. Well, washable rugs are pet friendly and they can endure a lot of pet damage. One wash and everything is back to normal. You won’t have to hide your rugs from your pet.

There Are Options For Everyone

Another great thing about washable rugs is that there is a style, pattern, and design for everyone. Varieties of washable rugs are plenty and you don’t need to worry about the rug complimenting your interior because you will most probably find a rug that will complete your room. There are modern rugs, rugs with abstract and intricate designs and you also have the option of traditional rugs. There is nothing which is not covered in this easy to use rug. You will be surprised by the number of options you have to choose your favorite rug from.

Cons Of Washable Rugs

They Are Not Durable Enough

Although washable rugs are amazing, there is one huge drawback and that is the fact that they are not durable and strong enough. Woolen rugs, in comparison, even though they are super expensive, are very durable and they last for years upon years. Washable rugs, because they are thin and they don’t have good backing and structure, lack in the department of strength.

They will tear apart quickly and you will need to change them out more frequently as compared to a traditional woolen rug. Also, a lot of washing of these rugs can lead to the corners becoming frayed and will curl up over time.

The Type Of Floors They Work Better With

Washable rugs only work best with some specific types of flooring. Floors like hardwood, engineered wood and matte floors are the best options for a washable rug.

Slippery floors like marble will not take the rug well. You will always find yourself placing the rug back in its designated place after some time, because the rug slips a lot on these types of floors and there is no friction for it to remain in place. So, it’s not a good idea to opt for washable rugs if you have any of the above floors.

The Placement Can Be Skewed

This con goes hand in hand with the previous one. The placement of these rugs always needs to be adjusted. There is always something which will cause the rug to skew out of place, whether it be a pet, moving furniture, etc. Because washable rigs are so lightweight, they can’t adhere to one place for longer, you will always find yourself putting the rug back in place after some activity. On the flip side, woolen rugs are extremely heavy and they can’t be budged from one place to another place that easily.

Final Word

There you have it! Now you know all of the good, the bad and everything in between about washable rugs. If they tickle your fancy, then washable rugs are for you. There are many shapes and sizes of washable rugs just as traditional rugs, so when visiting rug stores Northern VA, make sure you know the purpose of the rug you’re buying.

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