August 3, 2021

5 Canadian Wedding Traditions You Should Know About

Most people are living under an impression that all white weddings look alike but it varies from culture to culture and country to country. Moreover, wedding party rentals and planners also try to come up with innovative ideas. Canadian weddings are slightly different than the rest of the weddings in the continent; some of their wedding rituals are totally unprecedented and rare.

Here’s a list of traditions you might witness at a Canadian wedding.

The Trousseau Tea Party

Some wedding traditions have been forgotten by people all over the west, but Canadian weddings seem to have stuck to the essence of this pious ceremony. You might not see it elsewhere but in most of the weddings held in Canada, you would get a chance to experience what a trousseau tea party is.

In the 20th century, no wedding could be completed without a trousseau. A trousseau usually included pottery to jewelry, dresses, family heirlooms, quilted bedding and sometimes even money.

Even though the tradition of a fuller and richer trousseau has died in many other parts of the west, Canadian weddings have still somehow managed to keep it. If you get a chance to attend a typical Canadian wedding, you will surely notice a trousseau tea party there. Even though modern-day trousseau parties are not the ones that used to take place in the early 20th century, the tradition has evolved a bit but at least has been saved from dying.

The Silly Sock Dance

You might think it’s not originally a Canadian thing because Canadians are usually polite and sophisticated people and it’s hard to imagine them doing this kind of crazy stuff. Well, everyone has a right to be a little crazy – that too occasionally – especially when it’s for the sake of fun and not committing any offense.

As you would already know that the most spoken language in Quebec City is French which has also been declared the second official language of the country for honoring the Canadian populace of French origin. Therefore, there should be no element of surprise for you that some French customs got stirred with the Canadian culture; one of those traditions is this silly sock dance.

If the groom has an unmarried elder sibling, they are supposed to wear colorful ugly socks and do a silly dance which should have the guests splitting their sides. The sillier, the better. At the end of this dance, guests are supposed to throw money at the feet of the dancer unlike how it happens after the American dollar dance.

The Big, Beautiful White Dress

Now, you must be thinking what makes it different from a simple white wedding dress? You are quite right in what you are thinking at the moment. This is the tradition that remains uniform across all white communities no matter what culture, no matter what country. However, a lot of innovations have been made to the conventional white maxi that a bride wears, but what you see at most Canadian weddings is a time-honored traditional white wedding gown donned by the bride.

Toasts And Speeches

Not every wedding has all the rituals. People drop some of the wedding rituals they find outdated. At times, they come up with new ideas that would totally astound the attendees. Nonetheless, few rituals remain unchanged no matter how big or small the wedding is, no matter how modern or conservative the couple seems. Two of those run-of-the-mill Canadian wedding traditions are toasts and speeches.

Friends Work As Organizers

One of the most amazing things about a Canadian wedding is that most of the arrangements are done by the people close to the bride and the groom. Their friends and family members do not mind volunteering for the wedding. The couple can have a luxurious honeymoon because they save a lot on the services, winks. This way the couple-to-be remains sure that they’re going to see everything they personally like on their big-day, nothing is likely to go contrary to their taste.

Canadian weddings are all about friends and family, they are not merely a show-off for distant relatives and green-eyed colleagues and friends. Canadians genuinely see this opportunity as a way to bring their close ones even closer. A Canadian wedding is more of an intimate thing where people closely related to the bride and the groom sit together and spend a commemorative evening. There are florists, decorators, and wedding tent rentals MD involved which are handled by close friends or family members.

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