July 13, 2021

How To Straight Hair With Blow Dry

If you have wavy or smooth curly hair, you can straighten them with blow dry if you are in a hurry and don’t want to spend time in a hair straightening salon. Straightening your hair with a blow dryer protects them from another heating process, the flat iron. And also saves you time leaving your hair to look smooth, silky, and yet healthy.

Does blow-drying leave your hair frizzy and puffy? Well, the trick is in the technique only. If you do it the right way, you’ll leave the room with natural-looking straight hair. Here’s the way through which you can also straighten your hair with blow-dry.

Prepping Your Hair

Blow-Drying Kit

To give your hair a salon glam, you need a proper blow-drying kit. And if you don’t have one, make it. It includes all the necessary products you need to add volume to your hair. Below are the basic tools you need:

  • Blow dryer with a nozzle
  • Heat protectant
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Brass brush
  • Anti-frizz serum

Note: You can’t blow dry your hair with a bare blow dryer. The nozzle is the necessary part or else your hair will get frizzy. So, if your dryer doesn’t have the nozzle, buy one.

Dry Your Hair

You just can’t blow dry your hair stepping out of the shower. A proper process is necessary. The straightening and drying process doesn’t work on wet hair.

Therefore, first, soak up the extra dripping water from your hair. Just the way you do before applying the hair conditioner.

Now here’s the trick, if you rub or squeeze your hair while drying, your hair will get frizzy after a blow-dry. So just soak up the water by gently pressing the towel or some old tee-shirt against your hair.

Use A Heat Protectant

To help save your hair from frying up in the heat of an air dryer, use a good heat protectant. Apply it all over your hair, from roots to tips. And make sure you don’t use a lot of products. Just a small amount will be enough.

Avoid Humidity

There are many techniques inside the process that make it come out perfect. For instance, this little tip that maybe you never heard of before.

If you blow-dry your hair in the shower just after you took a bath, you’ll get frizzy hair. Why? It is because of the humidity in the bathroom. So, it would be better if you blow-dry your hair in your bedroom with good light and a mirror.

Blow Dry Your Hair

Rough Blow Dry

Before starting the actual process of straightening your hair, you need to roughly dry them. Use the blow dryer for this very purpose. But the brush isn’t required yet. Just blow the hot air from the top in the direction of roots to tips.

Use your fingers to brush through small sections of your hair and dry them up to 80%. They’re ready when they’re damp and not wet.

Section Your Hair

Just the way you section your hair while using a flat iron, part them into sections. Use small strands to work on. So that each and every strand is straight and smooth.

You can use the pins or clips to tie your upper hair to the crown, leaving the bottom part.

Start From The Bottom Part With Small Sections

Drape a smaller strand around the brass brush close to the roots and pull your arm away. Pulling your arm a little away from the strand will give your hair a stretch and smooth end look. Then, move the blow dryer from roots to the tip keeping the nozzle down while slowly brushing your hair to the tips.

Make sure you roll the brush at the end and then blow-dry the strand from above. Keep moving this way from strand to strand till you’re done with the bottom part. Then, untie the upper part of your hair and repeat the same process.

Finish Up

To finish the process, it’s a little different from the fringe. You need to roll the fringe on the brush from the top. And then, blow-dry from underneath. In the end, finish your style with an anti-frizz serum to make your hair settle down. For permanent or semi-permanent treatments, head to a Brazilian blowout salon Rockville.

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