March 5, 2021

How To Polish Quartz Countertops

Polishing your countertops makes the material last longer as well as maintain that lustrous shine which makes the countertop look good as new. Here is how you can polish quartz kitchen countertops.

Clean The Surface Properly

The first thing before polishing the countertops is to clean the countertop surface. This is a very important step to do because it allows you to work with a clean surface with no dirt and debris and this will enhance the effect of polish as well. If you are thinking about polishing your countertops then firstly, take a wet washcloth and run it over the surface of your countertops.

If your countertops are lighter in color, then you should take some extra time to remove all of the stains and dirt from the surface. This will make your countertops look a lot neater when you go ahead and polish them. Also, removing any dry stains or scraping things off the countertop is necessary to do before polishing. You will see a great difference in the end result of the polish when you do this step beforehand.

Soap And Water Solution

Now that the countertop is clean, you can move towards polishing the surface. This can be done with something as simple as a soap and water solution. Yes, you heard it right. Normally, quartz countertops are already polished from the retailers and manufacturers, but if you want to maintain the sheen of the countertop, then you can do this by cleaning your countertops with a simple soap and lukewarm water solution.

The right way to go about this process is the selection of the right detergent or liquid soap. The soap should be gentle and it shouldn’t contain any sort of harmful chemicals or abrasive agents because it can damage the countertops very easily. Any natural soap will work just fine.

Add a few drops of the cleaning solution or detergent in the water and mix it around until it becomes slightly foamy. Afterwards, dip a washcloth in it and run the washcloth through the surface. Once you feel like it is enough, take another clean and dry washcloth and wipe off the excess foam and detergent.

Window Cleaner For Quartz Countertops

You might feel this tip to be weird but it really works. Window cleaners are a great thing to use to maintain the lustrous shine of quartz countertops. Window cleaners are non-abrasive, so they will not damage your material. Window cleaning agents also have shining properties and protection agents which can help to make your countertops last longer. Also, window cleaners will not stain your countertops either, rather they will help to remove stains even more effectively than other cleaning solutions like soap and water. Window cleaners are great for removing tough stains on countertops as well, as it dissolves the stain.

Polishing Products For Quartz Countertops

There are many polishing products available for quartz countertops, but their main function is to enhance or slightly change the color of your countertop. Yes, these agents will alter the color of your countertops. Let’s say if you have a quartz countertop and you are not satisfied with the color, you can use these polishing agents and they will lighten or darken the color of your countertops until you are happy with the final result. These polishing products are not for maintaining the luster and shine of the countertop and are primarily used for color alteration.

Polish To Repair Scratches And Damage

Quartz is hard material to replace or refinish if it gets damaged. It has to be taken by a professional painting and polishing contractor, and the whole surface is buffed off, revealing new and undamaged quartz underneath. This process, unfortunately, cannot be done by yourself in your home. Quartz is generally a very hard material and it doesn’t get damaged easily but if it does, it needs to be buffed completely to remove the damaged surface to remove scratches, deep invasions and stains.


There you have it! With these tips, you are sure to make your countertops last longer and maintain their strength. They will not chip and crack if you polish them regularly. You can also have granite countertop installers NC to polish any kitchen countertop material.

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