March 15, 2021

Basic information about allergies and their treatment

Currently, we are going through the peak allergy season. As a result of this, many people are going through the effects of allergies. Hence, every allergy doctor is quite busy with lots of patients visiting regularly.

Along with that, COVID-19 is also spreading, and the pandemic is making the conditions even worse. So, we need to take care of our symptoms and allergy conditions more than ever now. If you suspect that you are suffering from any type of allergy, this article is for you.

In this article, we put together basic information about allergy testing and allergies. Hence, this post is perfect for the beginners and laymen who have not experienced an allergy before. Or perhaps, if your loved one or a child is suffering from an allergy, this guide will be very helpful for you.

Who Can Suffer from Allergies?

The simplest answer to this question would be that everybody can suffer from an allergy. In fact, according to a number of research articles, allergies are very common among adults and children in the US. In fact, this is the root cause of many chronic illnesses.

According to some statistics, more than 50 million Americans are currently suffering from any type of allergy. These include allergies related to various allergens, and can trigger illnesses such as hay fever, asthma, conjunctivitis, sinus infections, and hives.

But that is not all, allergies can trigger a wide range of other symptoms and can make the existing conditions even worse. That combined with the effects of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc. So, we suggest you take all precautions that you can, especially if you are suffering from allergies too.

The CDC (center for disease control) suggests that 20 million people in the US suffer from allergic rhinitis. This is another name of Hay Fever. Along with that, another 20 million people suffer from respiratory, skin, and food allergies.

Typically, children who are suffering from any sort of allergy end up outgrowing the allergy as they grow old. However, at times, after going away, these allergies come back later during adulthood.

Scientists currently do not know why the allergies disappear and return again. However, we do know that they can be very unpredictable. People with no history of allergies may also end up developing them at some point in their lives.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are the response of the body when it comes in contact with an allergen. Simply put, an allergen is a substance that is harmless, but the body considers it as a threat. This flares up the immune response of the body, which ends up showing a wide range of symptoms.

The intensity of an allergic reaction varies from person to person, and the extent of the allergic condition. In some cases, allergic reactions can be deadly and fatal. As a result of this, doctors suggest people to take the right precautions at all times.

When an allergic reaction occurs, the body releases a chemical called histamine. This chemical is responsible for all the nasty and weird symptoms that a person experience. And to counter it, one can use medicines known as antihistamines. But this should only be done with the advice and recommendation of a doctor.


We hope that you now understand the significance of allergy treatment. We also suggest you take help from a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect that you are suffering from an allergy.

A good allergist Manassas will assess your medical history and will then suggest you medicines along with the right type of treatment. Never self-prescribe medicines to yourself to avoid complexities.

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