April 1, 2021

How To Fix A Dishwasher Running Too Long

Dishwashers are one of the most important appliances of any kitchen since they help you wash your dishes in almost no time. However, like any other electrical appliance, dishwashers are also prone to getting damaged in the long run. One of the most common complaints people make about their dishwashers is them taking too long to clean the dishes. This increase in the time of one dishwasher cycle can indicate some serious problems with the appliance, and you should take the necessary steps of dishwasher repair to avoid any further damage.

Having your dishwasher take too long to complete one washing cycle can cause it to frustrate you when you are in a hurry to clean the dishes.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try if you think that your dishwasher is taking too long to wash the dishes.

If There Are Any Clogs

If there are any clogs in the water pipes of your dishwasher, it might take way longer to shin and drain itself because of the clog. This automatically increases the time taken by the dishwasher in one washing cycle.

You can check the filters of your dishwasher to confirm whether there is a clog in the system or not. If the filter is damaged, or has any clogs, you should replace it right away to restore the efficiency of your dishwasher.

You should also check the drain hose to see if there is any clog in that part of the dishwasher. Delayed draining can also cause the wash cycles to elongate.

If There Are Any Deposits

If there is no clog in the dishwasher, you might be facing the problem of mineral deposits. These mineral deposits can vary in color and shape, and are found in different areas of the dishwasher.

If the deposits look loose, you should use vinegar to properly clean the dishwasher and remove any mineral deposits from it. You can place the vinegar in a bowl, and make the dishwasher go through a medium to high heat cycle to fix the problem.

Also, there are lots of different types of dishwasher cleaning products designed specifically to clean the mineral deposits built in the dishwasher.

If the mineral deposits seem tough and won’t go away with the vinegar cycle, you can try rubbing them off with the help of wet sponge and soapy water.

If The Sensor Is Bad

A bad Bosch sensor can also be the reason why your dishwasher might be elongating the washing cycles. If your dishwasher has some sensors to automate the washing cycles, then any amount of mineral or dust buildup on the sensor can cause the dishwasher to run for an abnormally longer amount of time.

To get rid of this problem, try using the cleaning material made specifically for this purpose, and run a washing cycle in the empty dishwasher to fix the issue.

If The Water Is Cold

Significantly cold water can also decrease the efficiency of your dishwasher, as the dishwashers need properly hot water to clean the dishes thoroughly and as fast as possible. You can easily make sure that your dishwasher keeps getting an uninterrupted supply of hot water by following the below mentioned steps.

Keep in mind that your dishwasher takes around one minute to heat the water up by 1°. That is why, depending on the initial temperature of the water it gets, your dishwasher might need to work for 15 to 20 minutes before starting the washing cycle.

So, if you frequently use the dishwasher on high heat settings, it might need a significantly higher amount of time to heat up the water before starting the washing cycle.

A trick to allow the hot water to quickly reach your dishwasher is first running the hot water in your sink. This will make sure that the hot water reaches your dishwasher as quickly as possible.

You should set your hot water heater properly in order to make sure that an uninterrupted supply of hot water is always available for your dishwasher. This will save you a lot of time in every washing cycle.


This is how you can troubleshoot a dishwasher which takes too long to complete every washing cycle. You can also spend some money and hire an appliance repair Springfield service for dishwasher repair.

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