November 9, 2020

The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

After 9 months of being in a body that’s continuously changing, you may be psyched to meet your baby and embrace. At the same time, you might be eager to get into shape. Losing weight after pregnancy is different. Researches show that many women hold on to at least a couple of pounds post-delivery, and a quarter of women retain 10 or more pounds, a year after giving birth.

How to Lose the Baby Weight

Holding on to pregnancy weight can result in serious health problems down the road, putting mothers at risk. And losing pregnancy weight is not only important for mothers, but also for babies. Higher weight can make create complications in a future pregnancy, putting both the developing child and mother at risk for medical complications.

Realistic Things Every Woman Should Know About Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Don’t start dieting too soon: Your body requires time to recover from delivery and labor. Give yourself at least 6 weeks postnatal checkups before you actually start counting your calorie intake and actively try to lose weight. Following a weight loss diet too soon after delivery can slow down your recovery and can make you feel more tired

Be realistic about weight loss: Get your pre-pregnancy body. Sometimes pregnancy results from permanent changes such as slightly wider hips, a larger waistline, and a softer belly. With this in mind, you should adjust your weight loss goals a bit.

Embrace exercise: There is no magic pill that can make your baby weight disappear. It is essential to work out while trying to lose weight to make sure you are losing fat instead of muscles.

Easy But Effective Ways to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss

2021 is here and if you are like most of the people, you have possibly set your goals on losing weight fast and achieving the best body of your life. Maybe you have even promised yourself the same thing in the past, and followed the most up-to-date diet book and did whatever is recommended, no matter how absurd the suggestion was. Well, folks! That doesn’t work –crash diet, fade diet, quick fixers, and overnight weight loss tips do not result in weight loss. Reasonable, slow, and steady changes in lifestyle do. Hypothetically, weight loss sounds easy: eat less and move more, but for many weight loss aspirants it is massively challenging.

Kick-start weight loss

Kick-start your weight loss with the below mentioned easy-to-follow tweaks:

Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you skip breakfast, your body operates at a slower pace. Breakfast provides you energy for rest of the day. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast also means you are less likely to overeat at lunch.

Eat healthy snacks between meals: Snacking is important. You can eat healthy snacks between meals to avoid overeating. Healthy snacks satisfy your hunger without costing a lot of calories.

Drink water before you eat your meal: When you drink water before eating food, you will feel full even after eating less. This will help you in decreasing your portion size.

Substitute junk with healthier food: The best way of moving towards a healthy diet is by replacing junk food with healthier ones. You can replace pizza, burger, and soft drinks with fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas.

Workout, but not too long and not too intensely: Do not start with heavy workouts. Your body will not be able to bear that much amount of stress suddenly. Begin with light-weight workouts such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc. First, make your body flexible and then increase the intensity of the workout. On the other hand, if you start with high-intensity exercises for weight loss, each and every part of your body will ache, and you will not be able to maintain the consistency.

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