November 17, 2020

Understanding Plantation Shutters

The main reason why many people install shutters in their homes is that they want to increase privacy. While this is one of the benefits of the shutters, they have many other benefits. For example, they greatly improve your house’s look, primarily when you invest in high-quality wooden shutters with elegant designs.

Don’t skimp on quality

To get the most from the shutters, you need to invest in high-quality units. Some people think that all shutters are the same, but this isn’t the case. If you want to maintain the elegant look of your house, you should go for units made from wood.

Experts recommend that you go for those made from hardwood. Although they will be expensive to purchase, the extra cost will be worth it over the long run.

Unless you are looking for shutters to install in the kitchen and other wet areas of the house, you should avoid vinyl shutters. Although they are cheap and resistant to water, they have an ugly look.

They come in different styles

The indoor shutters come in different styles and all you need to do is choose the ones that are ideal for your home. The most common styles that you have to choose from include: raised panel, louvered, Bahama, flat panel, open board, closed board, and many others. Different styles are ideal for different applications. They are made from different materials

In addition to coming in different styles, they are also made from different materials. Wood shutters are the most common and loved by many people as they are beautiful, long-lasting, and come in different designs. They are both functional and decorative.

Composite shutters are made from a material milled like wood, which gives them a wooden look. Due to the rugged behavior of the material, the shutters are usually more durable than their wooden counterparts.

Other types of shutters in the market are vinyl and aluminum. Work with a contractor to help you with buying the ones that will be ideal for your home.

Decisions You Need To Make When Buying Window Shutters

Wood or composite shutters

While shutters are made from different materials, two of the most popular materials are wood and composite. Wooden shutters are made from hardwood and are often expensive. The cool thing is that they give your home an elegant look.

Composite shutters, on the other hand, are made from a mixture of wood and other materials. This makes them very affordable. Since they are resistant to water, you can install them in the kitchen, bathroom, and the other wet areas of the house. You also should consider the outside mount installation if your windows are incredibly unsquared.

If you aren’t sure of the right installation method that will be ideal for your home, always get an expert’s input.

Style of frame

If you have purchased shutters before, you must have noticed that they come in different frame styles that give your home a different look. Some of the most common types include: L, Z, Deco, and I. Deco frames give your shutters an ornate look and often between 2″ and 3″ wide.

Its name knows the Z frame as it has the Z shape. Part of the frame goes into the sill while another part of it covers the outside wall. These frames are between 1″ and 3″ in width.

It would help if you were cautious when choosing the frames as selecting the wrong size will not only give your home a weird look, it also will make you uncomfortable.

Tilt bar or hidden tilt

Most of the indoor shutters have a tilt bar that goes down the panel and connects the louvers. If you want your windows to be clear, you should go with the hidden tilt system. There is also the offset tilt bar option that puts the tilt bar on the left or right side of the panel. These are some of the decisions that you need to make when buying plantation shutters. Regardless of the screens that you settle on, ensure that they are of high quality.

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