May 7, 2021

Types of Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments

Are you planning to get hair straightening treatment but don’t’ know which one to get? Whether you should choose a keratin treatment salon or a Brazilian blowout salon? In this article, we will help you answer all these questions.

We hope that this way, you will be able to make the right choices.

All about hair straightening treatments

It is a chemical-based hair processing treatment to straighten the hair. You may use these treatments to straighten both wavy and curly hair, based on the method you use. Depending on the quality, these treatments can last a month or more.

They usually last until new hair grows in and completely replaces the ones that are straightened. Because the section of the hair that is straightened remains the same, they are referred to as permanent hair straightening procedures. In other words, the straight hair will not return to its natural state. But as mentioned before, this does not stop the hair from being replaced.

Types of hair straightening treatment

There are several different hair straightening procedures available. The majority of hair straightening procedures fall into one of two categories: permanent straightening and semi-permanent treatments. It’s also worth noting that all these procedures make use of a distinct chemical formula.

These treatments are now available as kits that you may apply at home.  Because they are not easy to apply, they are not advised for complete novices. After all, it’s practically hard to get salon-quality results at home. If one could get salon-quality hair at home, why would one even bother to go to a salon?

Thermal straightening treatments

Japanese straightening is another name for thermal straightening. Acid permanent therapy is another name for this. With a few minor variations, this is very similar to the regular keratin treatment

In general, thermal straightening treatment can last a little longer than keratin treatment. This form of therapy can last for around 6 months in most cases. At the same time, a single session of Japanese hair straightening in the salon can take up to 6 hours. Often, this is a popular procedure among wedding brides.

Permanent DIY kits

There are several therapies that you can perform at home. These treatments offer results that are remarkably identical to those obtained in a salon. These kits, on the other hand, are made to be simple to use. So, even if you don’t have much knowledge or expertise in cosmetology, you may utilize them by following simple instructions.

In most cases, DIY kits can cost you up to $50 or more. However, they are a hassle for most people because applying DIY kits is not easy at all. It would be much better to visit a high-end salon instead.

Semi-permanent treatments

Semi-permanent straightening includes procedures such as Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments. This is due to the fact that these treatments will last anywhere from 3 to 5 months on your hair. Furthermore, you may need to schedule additional sessions with the salon to complete the application.

A semi-permanent procedure (for example, keratin treatment) will typically cost between $200 and $300.


Essentially, all hair treatments work on the same principle. They usually use a liquid solution to treat your hair. Hence, As a result, the protein structure in your hair will alter. As a result, your hair becomes straighter as new links form in your hair.

Now, the length of time it takes for each therapy is determined by the nature of the treatment. Some treatments can take you hours in the salon while others will be relatively quick.

If you want to learn more about hair straightening, visit your nearest hair straightening salons Rockville and ask about the different treatments.

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