May 25, 2023

What Are The Best Balayage Tips For Red Hair?

Balayage is a beautiful hair dyeing technique that gives you a subtle change of color as well as peaks of highlights all throughout your hair. Moreover, if you get straight hair from a Brazilian blowout salon, balayage on red hair can look amazing. Here is everything you need to know about getting Balayage if you are rocking red hair.

Do An Ombre With Darker Roots

If you want something subtle, but still want to rock those fiery waves, then you can go for a Balayage, which transitions into an ombre at the end and leaves the darker colored roots on top.

This Balayage option is great if you have darker red hair and want to go for something that’s a bit different from your normal style, but still want a lot of dimension in your hair. This is going to look so beautiful in different lights where the red and darker colors will meld effortlessly.

Add Some Orange

Orange is a great color to incorporate for your Balayage if you don’t want it to look super drastic. Balayage is a great way to tone down any color and with red-colored hair, speckles of orange will look like a dream. The specks of orange will peak through in different lighting and your hair will look warm and the red will not be dimmed by the drama.

Keep It Warm

Red is a pretty bright color and sometimes, you just want to tone things down a notch. A perfect way to do this is to get a Balayage that has hints of chocolate brown in it. Something about the combination of red and brown is so flattering, that it won’t disappoint.

It will go great with almost all shades of red and it will add a hint of warmth to your entire look as well. The Balayage will also tone down the harshness of the brown and make it look subtle and muted, against the red color.

Add Some Cool Purple Tones

If you want to go a little crazy and play with color, then this Balayage is perfect for you. The great thing about Balayage is that it tones down any color you apply. This is just the technique of Balayage, so you can go with bold colors as well so go for purple Balayage.

The combination of red and purple sounds very edgy, but the purple is extremely muted and it adds a nice cool touch to your bright hair. The purple won’t be visible unless a certain light hits your hair and then you can see the color in its glory.

Red Balayage On Black Hair

If you have black hair and want to add some tones of red to it, then a Balayage is a perfect way to experiment with it. Keep in mind that in this Balayage, you will need to get your hair bleached, because the red will show more prominently on lighter-colored hair.

This Balayage isn’t overpowering at all and it makes for a perfect transition from boring plain hair to something different and trendy, without looking too tacky or obvious. If you style your hair in waves and add some length to it, then this Balayage will look even better.

Copper And Red Go Well Together

If you want to add even more warmth to your hair and you don’t want to go for brown, then copper is a great selection. Copper and red Balayage look very beautiful and in some lights, it can actually make your hair look like a cross between auburn and blonde.

This color combination is also extremely wearable and the copper adds a beautiful flair to your mane as well. Since red and copper have the same hue, it will look very subtle and you can get away with rocking this Balayage any time of the year.

Amp Up The Brightness

Red is already quite bright in nature, but what will make your Balayage even better is if you opt for an even brighter red color. Red hair color can be very subtle and muted and at times, it may look like a shade of brown or auburn on some people with thin hair, so if you want the red tones to shine through, then you need to opt for a brighter and rich red color.

If this thought scares you, then don’t be, because Balayage will tone down the color and make it look extremely wearable, while maintaining the brightness of the red color.

Add Some Blonde

Last but not least, if you have red hair and want to go for a lighter transition, while keeping the fiery tones intact, then go for a blonde Balayage. This Balayage is going to make your hair lighter, but it will still have the bright appeal, which comes with the specks of red peeking through the light blonde color.

This combination will look beautiful in the sunlight and you can see the colors getting even more bright and prominent in certain lights. It is also quite wearable for everyday use and it will be suitable for any season.

How To Take Care Of A Red Balayage?

Here are some things you need to do in order to protect and maintain your red Balayage:

Stick To A Good Hair Care Routine

Red hair can be hard to maintain, whether it’s your natural hair or you’ve dyed it. Try to choose products that are meant for red hair, because you will need a lot of toning with this color.

There are shampoos and treatments available, which are specifically designed for red hair and are meant to enhance the color of your hair, so use these products and take good care of your hair, because if you do, then your hair will stay beautiful and vibrant for longer.

Keep in mind if you recently go a balayage, you should wait for more than 2 weeks to get a hair straightening treatment from a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Much

After getting a Balayage, or getting your hair dyed in general, try to avoid washing your hair for a few days. This is important because you don’t want the Balayage to get messed up. Letting the Balayage settle in your hair for a few days will do wonders for you and you will have beautiful and picture-perfect hair every time.

When you do wash your hair normally, try to avoid using hot water and stick to cold water, because this will make your hair dye even more vibrant and will prevent it from fading quickly. Hot water is the arch nemesis of hair dye.

Deep Conditioning Is A Must

Balayage doesn’t leave your hair feeling healthy, so you need to make up for the damage, by deeply conditioning your hair, at least once a week. Try to oil your hair before every wash, to ensure that the hair follicles aren’t dry and brittle.

You can also make your own hair mask at home with argan oil and egg, but there are many conditioning masks available for color-treated hair. Your hair will look better if it’s in good health, so besides styling it perfectly, make sure that you’re nourishing it as well.


Who says you can’t do Balayage on red hair? Balayage has many options for all hair colors and you can also get your dream hair color by following these tips and by going to a reputable balayage salon Potomac.

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