October 25, 2023

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Rug?

Rugs; are loved by people, because of their looks, quality, and longevity. But how can you distinguish a high-quality rug from a cheap one? Well, you need to look out for these things when buying a high-quality rug be it Persian rugs or Oriental rugs.

The Material

First and foremost, the quality of a good rug can be determined by the material used in the making. A good quality rug will be made out of either wool or silk. Cotton, nylon, and synthetic materials are used in making machine-made rugs that are far less expensive than woolen and silk rugs. The look and feel of woolen and silk rugs make them luxurious and mesmerizing.

The material also says a lot about the origin of the rug and they’re mostly either Persian, oriental, or Turkish rugs because these are in high demand and people love the look of these rugs, which is why they prefer good quality rugs over other ones. So, the next time you’re out looking at different rugs, try to scope out rugs made out of wool and silk and you’ll see and feel a difference.

The Knot Density

Another very important quality of a good rug is the knot density. This is basically the number of knots in a single square inch of space. The knots are what make or break the rug. They’re also what gives the rugs decent durability and strength. The knots are basically the weaves secured at the end with a tie and it’s mainly done by hand, so you’ll know exactly what kind of rug you’re looking at if you inspect the knots closely.

A good quality rug will have more knots per square inch. This number can be anywhere between 100 to 1500 knots. The higher the knot density, the richer the pattern will be and the more durable the rug will be.

So, this is a great way by which you can gauge the quality of a rug and obtain the best deal for the money you’re spending, because let’s be real; good quality rugs are going to cost you a lot.

The Color Payoff

Another thing that can be a great identifier for good-quality rugs is the color. The color of quality rugs is amazing and vibrant and it also lasts long and doesn’t bleed, which is the main selling point of good quality and expensive rugs.

The color of the rug doesn’t fade away even after years have passed and that just goes to show the hard work and craftsmanship behind the making of the rug. The dyes and colors used in the making of luxurious and quality rugs are sourced from natural origins. These dyes are normally vegetable-based dyes and they’re very potent. The strands of wool or silk are first dyed individually and they’re left to dry.

Afterward, the colorful strands are used to weave a rug and different colors are used to make different motifs, designs, and patterns in different places of the rug. By the end, you’re going to be looking at a work of art that’s solely made by hand and with natural ingredients that don’t only look pleasing to the eye, but it’s long-lasting as well.

Slight Inconsistency

One of the biggest features of handmade quality rugs is that they’re not going to look perfect. That’s not to say that the weaving will be sloppy, rather it will be more inconsistent because everything is made by hand and each strand is going to be unique. You can’t expect perfection from a handmade rug, and somehow that’s the real beauty of it.

The inconsistent pattern, and the alternative tight and loose weaving, to give the rug its characteristic texture, are somehow so beautiful and jaw-dropping that people can’t help but fall into the charm of the rug. This very quality makes these rugs so perfectly imperfect.

Handmade Rugs

Good-quality rugs are mostly made by hand. There is a lot of hard work and time that goes into making these rugs. An oriental area rug, having small dimensions, will take anywhere between 4 to 5 months to complete so you can somewhat guess how much time it might take for a full floor covering rug.

Here’s a hint: A lot of time. Rug weaving is a process for the patient and it takes a lot of skill to get the weaving just right, the motifs and designs placed in perfect locations, and most importantly how tight and loose the knots need to be, because too tight of a knot can rip easily, whereas too loose of a knot can cause the rug to unravel and lose its durability.

There is beauty in handmade rugs VA and these features are what make these rugs so amazing and popular among people. These things also impart quality and luxury to these rugs.

A Decent Pile

The pile of a rug is also important to consider when you’re trying to buy a good-quality rug. The pile of the rug is the plush feeling of the rug. Some rugs are extremely rough and they can pinch your feet if you stand on top for too long. These rugs are classified as low pile rugs, which means they have no cushion or give on the surface to protect your feet. High-pile rugs are very cushiony and they feel like you’re standing on top of a cloud.

A good quality rug, however, doesn’t have too thin or thick of a pile. It’s beautiful in the liaison and it makes for a comfortable and manageable rug that can be easily moved around because high-piled rugs can also be pretty weighty to lift and relocate somewhere else.

The Durability

Good-quality rugs are also quite durable. This durability is what makes them last long, for years and years and they’re kept as family heirlooms. The durability comes from a couple of things. There’s the consideration of the right material for the rug, then there’s the knotting and weaving of the strands and the overall tension that’s in the strands.

Weaving a rug might seem like something people can get the hang of, but there’s a lot of skill and expertise that goes into the making of the rug and there are only a handful of people in the world that can master the art of rug weaving.

It’s All In The Details

A good quality rug will also have a show-stopping pattern. The simple and minimal designs are great and all, but nothing beats a luxurious and embroidered rug that has a lot of patterns and designs on the surface.

The designs are a stark contrast to the contemporary flair that people go for, but the combination of this rug with a minimal room décor is going to turn heads. Moreover, the designs vary with the origin of the rug. Both Persian and Turkish rugs are traditional rugs but they will have clear design differences. However, they both and other rugs from different origins are valued by rug lovers.


Rugs are super luxurious and long-lasting, and these tips are going to help you choose the right rug when you’re out and about. These tips become even more important when you’re buying wholesale Oriental rugs Virginia because you need to vigilant to avoid scams.

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